• Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

EMIC CORPORATION, hereinafter referred to as “EMIC”, “we”, or “us”, makes best efforts for compliance with the corporate ethics and laws and recognizes it great social responsibility to protect privacy information that is important property provided by customers. We define this "Privacy Policy".

1. Collection and Purpose of Personal Information

When EMIC asks the customer to provide the personal information which is collected, we advise in advance how to use it and whether it is provided to the third party. We use the personal information for the below purpose.

Type of Personal Information Purpose of Personal Information
Customer information such as the customer's organization or company name, first and last name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. EMIC uses the personal information provided by the customers for the purposes of offering the products/test services, after-sales service, replying to the customer inquiries, providing information regarding the products/test services.

2. Protect of Personal Information

EMIC makes every effort to protect the personal information properly complying with the laws, regulations, and guidelines pertaining to personal information security.

3. Providing Personal Information to Third Party

EMIC will not provide any personal information to the third party without our customer's consent, except for sharing between our company group, our distributors, and our contractors, unless it is permitted or required by law, required to protect personal life and/or properties, or required to cooperate with any public organizations including police and court.

4. Disclosure of Personal Information

When EMIC received a request to disclose customer's personal information in accordance with the procedures defined by our company, we will disclose it to the customer without delay, unless it may significantly interfere our company business or it may impair the life, body/health, properties, and other rights of individuals. When we received a request for correction, addition, or delete of customer's personal information in accordance with the procedures defined by our company, we will investigate for it and will surely perform it if it is reasonable.